Spoof of Seuss

As a teacher I love reading Dr. Seuss books to my students! And today, in honor of his birthday, I have written a short story.

I have titled it "Confetti for the Yeti." It contains a lot of rhymes and high end words designed to stregthen students vocabulary, which have been starred. I hope you enjoy my silly, heart warming story! Also please feel free to leave me a comment with any helpful feedback. 

Confetti for the Yeti:

There once was a Yeti,
Whose life was quite *petty.
And each night he ate a large bowl of spaghetti.

One night while the yeti,
Was cooking spaghetti
He heard a loud RAP RAP on his door.
He jumped and gave a startled ROAR.
Who could it be?
He must go and see.
Opening the door he saw only a *parcel,
Which was wrapped something awful.

So the curious yeti,
ignoring burning spaghetti
Wielded his *machete
and SLICE!
To the surprise of the yeti,
All he saw inside was colorful confetti!

Had he been *bamboozled?
The yeti sat down *befuddled.
Then he saw it,
A *billet!
It simply said, “Meet me at the *jetty,
By Five o’clock, signed Betty.”

Hmmm confetti from Betty,
Puzzled the yeti.
Smoke billowed from his pot of spaghetti!

The poor yeti had burned his spaghetti,
And still had no idea about Betty who sent him the confetti.
He had no choice but journey to the jetty,
With his machete gripped in a hand so sweaty.

As he arrived at the jetty,
He saw a shadow,
Could it be Betty?

Slowly the figure drew near
Close enough a voice he could hear
“My son” she said
“I thought you were dead,
But now I’ve found you ok
And on your birthday.”

Shocked by her words
The yeti remembers the blizzard,
He recalls being lost in the snow
Waking up alone to zero below BRR.

The cold had frozen his memory
But he’d always wondered if he had a mommy.
It seemed to good to be true,
They had been reunited out of the blue.

The yeti and his mother embraced,
Tears of joy falling from each face.
The box of confetti a symbol from Betty
Of her celebration and joy in finding young yeti.

Vocabulary Words:
*petty- not very important or serious
*parcel- package, large box or envelope   
*machete- a large knife
*bamboozled- to trick or confuse
*befuddled- confused, perplexed
*billet- brief letter or note
*jetty- a long structure that is built out into water and used as a place to get on, get off, or tie up a boat

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