It's been a while since I have written. I guess my New Years resolution should be to write more frequently lol. Here are some reflections as the new year approaches... Hope you have a blessed New Year!

As 2014 comes to a close
What if my life froze
And you looked thru my soul’s window
At my highs and lows
My selfish ego
Dreams on pillow
What I listen to on the stereo
Watched on TV and video
Everything I did in dark shadows
All would be exposed
Did it please my Lord, make His face glow?

Does my one life really matter
Or is it just an ungodly clatter?

The future is unforeseen
So how do I want to live in 2015.
Would they describe my life as pristine
Or obscene?
Did I obsess and compare myself with models in the magazine
Or live hot tempered and solitary like the wolverine?
Or put on a mask like someone at Halloween?
Is my mood determined by an amount nicotine or caffeine?
Or did I strive to lean
On the Savior and from His Word glean?

Does my one life really matter?
Or is it just an ungodly clatter?

Did I miss an opportunity? 
Neglect my responsibility?
Express animosity?
Lose credibility?
Parent absently?
Worry anxiously?
Respond critically? 
Speculate judgmentally? 
Were my actions honoring to the Almighty?

Does my one life really matter?
Or is it just an ungodly clatter?

Would my life be characterized by such an adjective
As Abusive
Or passive
Despite my past God says “I will forgive
The shameful way you live
I came to set you free from the sin that holds you captive.
Give you a life fruitful and active.”

“Your life really does matter
It’s not a purposeless clatter.”

“And my child just incase
You forgot I can erase
All your sin, shame, and disgrace
My arms are open for your embrace
My hand for you to interlace

Commit this year to truly give Me first place
So when I see your face
You’ll be called good and faithful at the end of the race
Now rise, pick up your feet and quicken the pace
To spread the good news of My amazing grace.
As 2015 you embrace”

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