Voting Time

Alright everyone, it's time to vote for the poem you think I should enter in the fair contest!

Number 35: 

Everyone knows his name
And no one can tame
His mad skills on the court
For basketball is his sport

Dribble, crossover moves all a blur
Extends that arm above the cylinder
You know who I’m talking about, the face of the Thunder
He’s Kevin Durant MVP wonder

He glides to the rim makes it look like a dance
Stutter step pump fake no one stands a chance
Everyone wants him on their team
He’s even dunkin the ball in Lebron’s dream

The OKC crowd lets out a cheer
When Durant suits up in that blue and orange gear
For there is no need to fear
A beard when all you can hear
Is Durant swishing the ball in your ear

With Tony Parker in his rearview mirror
KD races nearer
To the hoop
Then with a swoop

Reverse slam
OHHH Let’s re-watch that on Thunder cam
Breathe in that hardwood aroma

And Thunder up Oklahoma! 

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Fairy Good Food:

As I enter the fair I scope out my first food stop,
“I’d like a large pop,
 An Indian taco on your thickest piece of fry bread please,
And don’t skimp on that delicious cheese.”

Then I smell that corn on the cob,
And of course I add a huge glob,
Of buttery goodness
The taste of it is pureness.

Next it’s time for something sweet,
A piping hot funnel cake can’t be beat.
All melting and gooey I savor the taste,
I eat every bite nothing can go to waste.

We can’t forget about a salty pretzel,
And although my stomach is screaming something awful,
There is nothing better,
Then dippin that twisted dough in some cheddar.

I feel slightly achy,
But I see cotton candy.
Oh sweet stickiness come to me,
Sugary pink clouds I will make room for thee.

Last to go; corn dog on a stick,
I eat until I’m almost sick.
Then I ride the Ferris wheel,
Look out below… here comes my $65.00 meal! 

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 Train Ride:

Take a train ride with me,
It’ll be fun they said sarcastically,
Didn’t tell me I could get stuck between the cars,
Next time I’m watching a train riding seminar!

Funniest thing the other passengers must have seen,
For they were laughing, holding their spleens.
All I had wanted was the find the bathroom,
Now I need to find new pants and a broom.

Take a train ride with me,
It’ll be relaxing they said confidently.
Didn’t tell me the train leaves promptly at eight,
So I had better not be late.

What I sight I must have been,
To all those train attendant men,
Slowly sprinting with my bags screaming “Wait!
Don’t let the train pull out of the gate!”

Take a train ride with me,
It’ll be an adventure they said unknowingly.

(FYI this poem is not about me. It's about a friend. Some parts are slightly exaggerated... just slightly lol)

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Leave me a comment with your vote!! More suggestions for topics are also still welcome.