Pre No Sugar Challenge

So I have decided to undertake the no sugar challenge for 2 weeks. And by no sugar I mean no sugars like cookies, cake, candy, donuts, etc.

Natural sugar such as fruit is perfectly fine.

Also, and I realize these do contain some sugar, I am allowing sugar that comes from light yogurt or "healthy" cereals.

So there we have it. The rules are simple. No sugar/sweets for 2 weeks starting tomorrow. I am issuing this challenge to myself and any who wish to partake with me. If you want in on the challenge follow my blog for daily postings and encouragement.

On this, my last night to eat sugar, I gathered my spare change and bought a snow cone. Not just any snow cone, an extreme green snow cone. Ah sugar and sourness! With a very green tongue I bide thee fair sugary substances farewell. I will miss you!

And since I am a poet, I leave you with a haiku.

Sweet sugar no more
You make me fat and bloated
Now I close your door

Please follow my blog if you are up to the no sugar challenge, and/or leave me an encouraging commnet as I start this journey. I will be posting a different challenge when these 2 weeks are up so stay tuned.