Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

I spent my Saturday watching college football, and although my husband and I don't agree on a favorite team, we do both enjoy watching a good game.

I just love this time of year! Football season is here and fall weather will soon be upon us. Another upcoming thing I enjoy about fall is the fair. I love riding the ferris wheel and eating a piping hot funnel cake! This year I have entered a poetry contest at the state fair. I need your advice on what to write about.

The categories for awards are:
Best of show
Audience favorite
Most inspirational 
Most entertaining 

I'm thinking about going for most inspirational, but I'm not sure. Leave me a comment with your poetry topic of choice and what award catergory it might fit under. I will write several based on your comments and then take a poll of which one you all like best. If I choose your topic and win, then you win a little something too. I will send you a $5 Starbucks gift card for being my inspiration. So comment with a topic you think would be a hit. And thanks for the help!


  1. Write one about the high points of the fair. And by that I mean the food. Yeah, food ;)


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