First Days of No Sugar Challenge

Well I have been 4 days without sugar. Ten more days to go! This challenge has been tougher then I expected.

Day 1: My week of no sugar began Thursday, August 7th. My poetry took me up to my church to record a recent spoken word I had written. Later I grabbed some lunch and headed up to the school where I work. I worked in my classroom for a while and sat in on some interviews with my principal. Afterwards I was hot, tired, and extremely thirsty, really craving an ICEE or Sonic slush. But no can do :( I resisted the urge! Day 1 survived.

Day 2: Friday I went to a school meeting all morning, then spent the rest of my day working a garage sale. They ordered pizza and a couple of cinnamon wheels. Oh man, here comes another sugar temptation! However, all I ate was the pizza. No cinnamon wheel for me. Day 2 survived.

Day 3: Saturday I helped run a garage sale all day. By the afternoon I was so hot and sweaty, probably dehyderated too. A nice cold ice cream shake sounded sooooo refreshing! My husband actually made one that evening. Once again though I resisted. Day 3 survived.

Day 4: Sunday I spent the morning at church. Usually after the service I get some coffee with 2 packets of creamer and 2 packets of sugar. Well, couldn't do that this Sunday. Darn it! The taste of plain coffee disgusts me. So needless to stay, I was a little drowsy with no coffee or sugar today. But, Day 4 survived.

I feel like I'm replacing my sugar cravings with protien or dairy, like peanut butter or cheese. Maybe that's what my body has been needing and lacking all along.

Leave me a comment with your sugar struggles and/or an encouraging word. Keep it up everyone: we can do this!


  1. I have never given up sugar of all of my cut backs. You are doing better than I ever will. Keep it up you are doing great:)

  2. Thanks Andrea! I appreciate the encouragement :)

  3. I was thinking about doing this challenge too! One year, no sugar (except for my birthday). I haven't started yet, but I'm thinking January 1st will be the day. One tip for the coffee: buy the really good stuff. If you are drinking really good coffee, you won't feel the need for sugar too much. And take it slow, mix it with a lot of water first, then as you get used to the taste, less and less water. It works :) I'm on no-sweetener coffee now and it's great!

  4. Anita that's a great idea! One year without sugar would be hard but worth it. I might have to join you. I appreciate the coffee tips! Definitely going to try buying the good stuff and adding water. Thanks :)

  5. This is hardcore, major props to you! I can't even imagine being able to attempt this and I'm pretty good with my eating.



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