Mothers Day

I wrote this for Mom several years ago. She is my role model of how a godly woman lives and cares for her family. For all the Mom's out there I hope you enjoy this poem!

Mother’s Day Bouquet:
(meaning behind the flowers color: pink-caring, purple- royalty, red- love, white- forgiveness)

Dear Mom,
For you I selected the most beautiful flowers,
Hand watered by God’s finest rain showers.
Splashes of color to brighten your day,
Pastel shades in a blooming array.

Pink to represent your soul so caring,
Spirit warm and heart of sharing.
Purple for the royal treatment you deserve,
And your compassionate hands that always serve.

White to represent my prayer of forgiveness,
For all the times I disobeyed and was thoughtless.
Red for my abounding love for you,
It daily continues to accrue.

There hues inner twine creating a gentle beauty,
A masterpiece so lovely.
But nothing compares to your beauty and virtue,
Happy mother’s day to you! Registered & Protected